II Performance & Lecture mit Charles Stankievech

by hannah on Januar 10, 2011

Charles Stankievech
Loudspeaker/Quietlistener: the transduction between sound and architecture

Raum-D, Museum Quartier, Vienna, Austria
7pm, Jan. 11, 2011

In his two part presentation Loudspeaker/Quietlistener, Charles Stankievech presents a series of reflections and speculations on the intersection of sound / architecture and the loudspeaker which transduces between these two fields.  The presentation begins with a lecture called Constellations organised as an alphabetical glossary composed of keyterms (such as acousmêtre, black box, crying room, headphones, resonance and so on) that define the interaction of sound and space within a history of the avant-garde and technology.  The presentation ends with a live performance of Radiance (soundtrack for a silent cinema) selected for the presentation due to its relation to the avant-garde cinema designs by Austrian artists Frederick Kiesler + Peter Kubelka.
Constellations Text: http://www.stankievech.net/projects/ABC/
<http://www.stankievech.net/projects/ABC/> Radiance Performance: http://www.stankievech.net/projects/aletheiasveil/radiance.html